FIFA in Brazil: Welcome to the Existential Games!

Process: 2018


Homeless worker protesting on the eve of the Brazil 2014 World Cup

Four years ago (it scarcely seems that long ago!) I found myself in the middle of all the Fifa World Cup hoopla, hype and hysteria in the country that was hosting the tournament: South Africa.  The first time I was ever aware of the World Cup proper was when the USA hosted the event in the summer of 1994. I played a bit in grade school but never followed the sport internationally. I was struck at the difference in the level of play between Team USA and their opponents. The Americans seemed slow, confused and pretty much bumbled around the pitch like bumper cars (my probably inaccurate recollection). I was also struck by how passionately the fans rooted for their respective country’s team.

I began checking out professional soccer games on television. Fox Soccer Channel and ESPN offered the most coverage in…

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